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Organ Tours

Browse the Youtube page featuring some organ performances by Luciano Zecca.

Organ tour, the King of Musical Instruments

(on request, with supplement)

The tour includes:

The influence of the 19th century on organ music

In the 1800s Italy witnessed the triumph of the operatic, melodramatic, theatrical style supported by operas by Verdi, Bellini, Rossini and Donizetti.

Also organ music endorsed such trend, giving rise to a multifarious production, purposely created to accompany the different stages of liturgical celebration, which, given its buoyant taste, no longer fits such context nowadays.

In that period Italian organ music experienced its heydays, taking up new registers and accessories imitating the sounds peculiar to theatre orchestras.
Organs started to master the language of opera and, despite the lack of an actual stage, succeeded in recreating the tense and engaging atmosphere typical of theatres.

Our area boasts a wealth of highly valuable historical organs, created by the most celebrated Italian organ builders of the past, such  as Serassi, Bernasconi, Tornaghi and others.

So do not miss out on the opportunity to add wonder to wonder and book an Organ Tour with Maestro Luciano Zecca for your next holiday on the shores of Lake Como.

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